Hey, I’m Maria!

I’m an Authentic Living Coach providing healing-focused coaching that gets you to authentic living.

My vision for the world is for individual and collective healing, liberation, and thriving. So my work exists at the intersection of rest, play, and courage – the rest your body is yearning for, the playful energy to make the journey enjoyable, and the courage to overcome the challenges along the way.

If you’re like me, you have probably felt… 

  • Stuck living a life that isn’t aligned with your values
  • Overwhelmed and drained from always giving your energy to others
  • Afraid of showing up as your authentic self
  • Ready to shed the narratives that hold you back but not sure how

But what if you felt…

  • Grounded in your inner wisdom so your decisions are aligned with your vision of thriving
  • Energetically recharged to enjoy the things you love about life
  • Fearless in taking up space on your own terms
  • Organized and spacious so you feel safe and capable of thriving on your terms

As a certified, trauma-informed, and spiritual Life Coach, I help you… 

  • Cultivate your version of healthy life balance
  • Take down roadblocks that are preventing you from moving forward
  • Access legit rest, ease, and fun because life isn’t all about work
  • Identify your authentic voice and tap into the courage to use it
  • Come alive in your return to your authentic self
  • Design and manifest your vision of thriving

Let’s get to know each other!

My name is Maria. Pronouns: She/They/Siya. I’m a colonial chain breaker, spiritual conduit, shadow worker, soul excavator, intuitive strategist, realignment guide, and dream alchemizer on unceded Tamyen Ohlone land (South Bay Area, California).

As an Authentic Living Coach, I use my ancestral gifts of high sensitivity, intuitive strategy, holistic nurturance, and hella real decolonizing to support folx of color on their journey to authentic living.

My story begins as a child of immigrants from the Philippines who did everything “right.” I did all I could to be the “good daughter,” “good student,” “good worker,” and “good producer.” I excelled in school, in my career, and in my passion projects in environmental and community advocacy work.

And yet despite the “success,” I still found myself in constant survival mode, battling perfectionism and codependency, always feeling unworthy and energetically exhausted, overwhelmed by intergenerational traumas, and wanting something else but not knowing what.

The truth is I didn’t know who I really was or what I truly wanted out of life because I had spent most of it fulfilling the roles assigned to me. I was so disconnected from myself that I couldn’t access my own inner wisdom.

My own healing and decolonizing journey led me to a point of remembering ancestral medicine:

the truth that I already had all the answers and tools within me but they just needed some help to reactivate.

This unlocked the most aligned and authentic version of me that dances with life in full embodiment today. I now exist in holistic alignment and in deep connection with the ancestral wisdom and gifts passed down to me so that I can fulfill my soul’s vision of individual and collective healing, liberation, and thriving.

And I’m here to share what I’ve learned so you too can remember and reactivate your own ancestral wisdom on your journey of self-discovery, realignment, and dream alchemy.

So if you are ready to do the deep dive, live an aligned life, and alchemize your soul’s dreams, I’m here to help!

As a Life Coach, I tailor my coaching to your specific evolution so you can thrive on your terms.

Through my intuitive coaching style, my support looks like… 

  • Being genuinely seen and held exactly as you are without judgement or pressure
  • Applying a decolonizing lens and highlighting when roadblocks are showing up so you can decide how you want to move forward
  • Shedding light on new possibilities for you that weren’t as clear before
  • Helping you identify your authentic voice and inner wisdom and bringing it to the surface so it can be amplified 
  • Creating a healthy life balance by intentionally encouraging fun, rest, and ease
  • Providing trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive support that adapts to the unique needs of Communities of Color

Is this what you’ve been looking for in your life?

Come see how we can work together.



Full service details can be found HERE


This is a 3-month premium and tailored coaching experience for those that are ready to live authentic lives.

With me as your coach, we’ll get super clear on where you’re trying to go, how to get past the roadblocks, and then carve a path to get there that feels realistic, easeful, and on your terms.

Then we’ll start walking the path! And I’ll be there to help you troubleshoot every step of the way.

Coaching container: 

3 months / 12 weeks


Pick your pace:

Weekly or Every Other Week sessions

Weekly = 4 sessions per month

Every Other Week = 2 sessions per month

Each package gets:

Live coaching calls set at your pace


Private virtual space to receive support in between calls


Access to my full library of embodiment tools and spiritual support


New personalized oracle card readings with every session


Exchange: $1200

Due to the comprehensive coaching provided in sessions and in between sessions, pricing is based on months of service and not by session.

Student discount and payment plans available.





Workshop Host and Speaking Arrangements

Reach out directly via email to hello@mariajaviercoaching.com for more details.


Whether you have a specific question in mind or you want general life guidance, this service brings you a message of support, guidance, or clarity from your ancestors and spirit team. I use my ancestral gifts to manifest a message in the form of a personalized oracle card reading.

You will receive a downloadable PDF that includes your pulled oracle card and full reading excerpt. Exchange $15

There is no right or wrong way to receive a reading and ANYONE can receive one.

Order your reading HERE.


Not sure which service is best for you?

No problem! Let’s figure it out together. Book your free DISCOVERY CALL to get started.


You are also welcome to support my work through Venmo. ❤️

Services and pricing are subject to change as I level up my skills

Disclaimer: I am a Master Certified Life Coach, not a licensed medical professional. All information obtained in connection with services is for informational purposes only.


“Maria helped me learn how to keep myself energized, how to be aware of the things that drain me, and how to maintain the energy and capacity to keep moving forward in the direction that I want.” – Joel Valencia, CEO & Founder of Evergreen Collective

“I was reserved to find someone who would understand the variable life of a POC, introvert, and immigrant. Enter Maria. She has incredible insight and a skill set to strategize your roadmap. Working with a coach who can relate was a breath of fresh air.” – F.R.

These services are designed for those who believe…

– Liberation for BIPoC communities requires decolonization work
– No one is free until we are all free
– Black lives matter
– No one is illegal
– Free Palestine
– These lands are stolen from indigenous communities
– My body, my choice
– The LGBTQIA+ community needs equal rights
– Intersectionality is critical in all justice work


If this is you, I’m so glad you’re here and I’d love to connect!

This business is dedicated to the life and love of my father,
Roderick “Eric” Anthony Pio de Roda Javier,
who is my source of strength, courage, and inspiration. 143 Papa.

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